Have you heard of paella? It’s a Spanish rice dish that originates from Valencia, a region along Spain’s Eastern coast. It is such a traditional Spanish dish that many would consider it the national dish of Spain. While there are three classic types of paella: seafood, mixed (meat and seafood), and Valencian (meat, green vegetables, and beans), like many dishes that are rooted in tradition, paella is more of a technique than a set recipe. … Leer más....

How To: Make Authentic But Easy Paella


How To: Make Authentic But Easy Paella


I made some new mom friends from PickyKidPix’s trip to Italy to play soccer! My friend Nathalie is originally from Spain and she taught me how to make authentic paella. In this version, she was clear that this is authentic Valencia paella which features seafood since it’s a coastal town.

There are many versions that utilize the bounty of their particular area which can

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 I love Paella and was craving it.  So I decided to try it on the grill instead of stove/oven.  It turned out better to me with a more smokey flavor.  I thought it would be harder to control the heat, but it was perfect.  It was so good, I made it twice when Kara’s parents came to visit.
1 package Spanish Chorizo or Portuguese Sausage, sliced
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 pound chicken, cut
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Chorizo Paella

I made us a big skillet of awesomeness.


And I did it all in one pan… without even heating up the kitchen.


Skillet Grilled Seafood and Chorizo Paella | @hbharvest

Although, now that I say that out loud I am silently thinking to myself that at least for me, up here in the mountains, it’s really not that hot out, like at all. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind heating up my kitchen right about now. I mean, I am highly embarrassed to admit … Leer más....

Mastering the Art of Paella


My friend Anu made this amazing Paella that my boyfriend still talks about to this day. Not only is he a wonderful cook but a humorous writer and a talented photographer, so I asked him to write about his experience with Paella….

“Even before Arati (that’s his lovely wife) and I went to Spain in April 2010, I had been a serious fan of Spanish food, wine, and lifestyle (call me a Spanophile). Last … Leer más....

Origin and history of Paella

paellaLa paella” is a cooking utensil, traditionally and preferably made of iron, but now often made of stainless steel. The base of the paella is flat and should be of a good thickness. The pan is circular and shallow, and has two round handles on opposite sides. The word itself is old Valencian and probably has its roots in the Latin ‘patella’ (a flat basket in Galicia). The Castilian ‘paila’ and the French

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